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They’ve been framed!

I did a recent test shoot last week with the theme of frames. In my mind, the original concept was models playing with the frames, walking through them, holding them up to frame their face, etc., but one of the models did an incredible job of posing and made me think the photos needed some background. So I started playing around, here are the results. Though I’m still trying to decide if I should remove her legs in all the photos.

















More nature photos from New England

I’ve been slacking on getting the rest of my photos from the Vermont/New Hampshire excursion posted. So without further ado, or any ado for that matter, here they are.

Day 4 (belatedly): Peacham and the White Mountains

Wow, that’s all I can say. I was somewhat discouraged when I got into southern Vermont to see that many of the trees were just beginning to change colors, but I headed north to the St. Johnsbury area and caught everything at the peak time. I was trying to avoid major highways, because you’re really not going to discover anything different. Luckily, after nearly getting lost a few times, or maybe I was who knows, I came across Ewell’s Pond, and a few other bodies of water, near Peacham. It’s one of the most picturesque ponds I’ve seen, probably helped by the incredible sky. Afterward it was out to White Mountain National Park in New Hampshire for fall foliage, with a few detours including a half-mile hike along the Appalachian Trail and seeing Newt Gingrich in Hanover, NH as I stopped for a bit to eat. Who knew he was still running. These are a few early edits, plus I’m hoping to play around with HDR for some of these later on.

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Day 3: Brattleboro, Grafton

I didn’t get to shoot too much today since I was on the road. Getting caught in traffic behind an accident as soon as I got into Vermont didn’t help. But I was able to cruise around for an hour or so before I lost too much light. It’s hard to believe the amount of damage from the flooding caused by Irene. I drove along one river? creek? for a bit and noticed that for most of the way it looked like a stream that was too small for its banks. Rocks and the occasional tree limb were strewn about in parts, but there were a lot of sections that were rebuilt.

River in Vermont








I did notice quite a few construction and road closure signs, including this covered bridge that was limited to construction workers and local residents. A few other bridges weren’t so lucky.

Covered bridge in Grafton








Anyway, tomorrow I’ll continue my trek northward in search of fall foliage for prettier nature shots. But just to get in the mood, here’s an extended exposure from downtown Brattleboro.

Downtown Brattleboro

Vacation Day 2: Glen Onoko Falls

I decided to hike up to the top of Glen Onoko Falls in Lehigh Gorge Park. I’m not sure if I’m getting older or just took a more difficult route, but it sure kicked my butt. But as always, it’s worth it for the views.