Mostly photography, but other stuff too

Playing with lighting

I did a test shoot on Sunday with the intent of trying out some different lighting looks. The styling, models, poses, and makeup all did an amazing job. But I noticed I made a lot of mistakes in the lighting when I was editing, and composition for that matter…it was a really off day, so I was completely happy with the results. It would have been nice if I could have met the level of talent they were putting in, but making mistakes is how we all learn. Nonetheless I did come away with some pretty good shots, though it should probably tell me something that one of them was a just quick test shot just to check the light levels, which I forgot to delete, I think it’s one of the best images I made the whole shoot.

I’m coming to realize I do much better being a fly-on-the-wall shooter and letting everyone do their thing and just observing and capturing rather than trying to force things. It must be that journalism background. I was able to successfully (I thought so, anyway) pull off a back lighting shot, an image with some harsher lighting, and one with the usual blown out look. Here are a few that I thought turned out pretty well.


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