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Spring has sprung

I noticed this on the way to work and couldn’t resist shooting it. I don’t know what it is about tulips but they’re so interesting photographically. Whether it’s the colors, the shape, or the fact that they grow singularly rather than on a bush or in clusters, something just makes them very photogenic.


Palate cleansing

I had a day off the recently with nothing more pressing on my schedule than eating and sleeping. Since nothing clear the mind and cleanse the creative palate like aimless wandering with a camera, that’s what I decided to do. With no aim other than to find interesting things to photograph, and pay attention to the things that normally go completely unnoticed, I set out and about in Brooklyn and lower Manhattan.

I can’t tell if it’s the lettering or the archway or both that makes this so interesting.

Just proof that weeds will win out no matter what, even in urban areas.

And a few more…


I think I’ve been watching too much “Life After People”

And, to end on a bright note, an image made solely for the colors.

It’s been a while…

Design work had taken over my life for a few weeks, and I hadn’t shot for a while. I think I was going through withdrawal from not creating images. I think I’m still going through withdrawal from a lack of documentary shooting and storytelling, but that’s next on the agenda. Anyway, just to get shooting, I signed up for a Meetup to do some fashion test shoot with a few photogs and models at what turned out to be a really great site in East Williamsburg. Between the studio, which also had an industrial space, and the surrounding streets there were myriad options.