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Sometimes you just need to create something beautiful

I feel like for the past two weeks I’ve done nothing but sit in front of my computer working. So before I went all Jack Nicholson in “The Shining,” I decided to grab my camera and tripod. There’s no better stress release than creating something, and I’ve been meaning to get over to the High Line at night, this seemed like the perfect opportunity. Let me say, whoever did the lighting design there is my hero. Everywhere you turn it’s beautiful, dramatic lighting. It just might be the easiest place in the world to create incredible nighttime imagery. Take a look:






























And one of my favorites:


Sometimes the best photos are on our doorstep

There are times when I think we forget to really take a look around and notice the things that are right in front of our noses as we try to create interesting images. We’re always looking for the drama or magnificence of a Yellowstone geyser erupting or powerful journalistic images. As I was leaving my building to make a quick run to the grocery store this morning, the light was shining through the window perfectly to exaggerate the address above the door onto the wall aside of it. I just makes for a very simple, yet visual image with the lines drawing you further into the photo.


For some reason, shapes have always captured my attention. Maybe it’s my inner 6-year-old screaming to get out. While shooting a fashion lookbook, I was walking into the studio, I looked up and saw this fire escape. The way it seemed to reach toward the sky just made me want to photograph it.