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Saturday night at roller derby

I shot the Gotham Girls Roller Derby last weekend, but didn’t have a chance to post some images until now. It was my first time shooting roller derby, but it wasn’t too different from shooting hockey, only a bit more organized since they stay on the track.


Messing around at night

I was a little bored, so I took the camera out around the Times Square area to do some extended exposures. I only made a handful of images, but it’s always fun, because you never really know what you’re going to come away with.

Unexpected findings

On the Fourth of July, I decided to try to make it over to see the fireworks after I got off work. Unfortunately it was so late that I couldn’t get within two blocks of the river to get a clear view. But on the way over, I noticed this guy doing the usual proselytizing religion bit right under the spotlight from a hotel with the crowd continually moving past him. I had to make a few frames.

Schunemuk Mountain

Yesterday I went hiking on Schunemuk Mountain in New York. The hike totally kicked my butt, which is the reason I didn’t make a lot of images, but that’s another story. It’s a photographic treasure: incredible vistas, interesting terrain and a diversity of landscapes. Although after going through my take, I noticed that my images tend to have a dystopian theme to them, which is odd since I tend to be an optimist.