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Playing with a light box

I picked up a small lightbox for shooting products, so I had another new toy to play with. The only thing I could find to take some test shots were some gummy bears I had lying around, which turned out to be some really good models. They did whatever I asked and didn’t complain. The lightbox worked really well, pretty even lighting despite the fact I only set up a single light. I thought I would at least need a reflector to keep the lighting that even but it worked out without one.

Gummies 1 lores Gummies 2 lores gummies 3 lores gummies 4 lores


Playing with a new toy

I picked up a small softbox that attaches directly to my flash. When I say small, I mean small, only 6″x9″. To test it out and find out if it does a better job of dispersing light that bouncing my flash off  the ceiling I did a couple self-portraits. You can’t take it to a shoot until you test it out right?

The results were fine, but I don’t think it made too much difference. Although part of that could be because I had it set up off camera as a slave with the little pop-up flash as the master. For some reason when I do this, the slave won’t sync at anything above 1/16 power. But I had it set up close enough to the subject to offset the low power. It still came in pretty strong. Judge for yourself.

BW_self-portrait 2 lores BW_self-portrait 1 lores