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Visiting the WTC memorial

A couple weeks ago, a friend was visiting from out of town and wanted to see the World Trade Center memorial site. I have to admit the site finds a nice balance between quiet respect and remembrance but still having signs of activity and energy.

Since we were meeting other friends later, I didn’t want to haul around my camera equipment, so this is all shot with my phone. I’m sorry for the low-quality, the lack of creative control on a phone can be quite limiting.

WTC memorial

Wind showering the memorial in droplets blowing from the site’s waterfalls.

flower at WTC memorial

A single flower remains in the name of one of the victims of the Sept. 11 attacks at the memorial site.

WTC memorial and 1 WTC

The World Financial Center (left) and One World Trade (right) stand in the background behind the names of victims at the World Trade Center memorial site.



One World Trade reflects in the windows of the still under-construction museum as people pass by.


Ten Years Later: Part 2

I got home late last night and wanted to catch some sleep before going through my take from yesterday. With security out in full force, I was unable to near the memorial or WTC without an invitation. Here are a few more that I didn’t post last night, not my best work, but I think they contribute to tell the story.

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Ten years later

Twin Towers light tributeIt’s hard to believe that it’s been 10 years, even though it still feels just like yesterday when the world watched that horrific day unfold as 3,000 people were taken from their mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, and brothers and sisters before their time for doing nothing more than going to work. Seeing these lights reminds us that the most fitting tribute we can have is to remember those who died that September day.