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Forgotten files

I was going through and organizing some of the photos I’ve taken from the past year and realized I forgot to post a few I made at SummerStreets. The city closed quite a few blocks of Park Avenue to vehicle traffic, including the Park Avenue Tunnel that goes around/through Grand Central Station, opening it up to pedestrians only. It was a great chance to use natural light and finding views you rarely get to see unless you’re cruising through in a vehicle.

Park Avenue Tunnel art installation

42nd Street

Traffic travels along 42nd Street, passing underneath the Park Avenue overpass.

Mercury and clock at Grand Central

Mercury and a clock on top of Grand Central.

Eagle staute at Grand Central Station

An eagle statue at Grand Central Station is towered over by the surrounding buildings.

Park Avenue Tunnel

Park Avenue Tunnel exit

Joggers head north on Park Avenue exiting the tunnel that runs around Grand Central Station.

Of course this also lead to some trippy, kind of creepy, images when I accidentally bumped the camera during a long exposure:

Park Avenue Tunnel


It’s that time of year

Now that it’s officially after Thanksgiving, I feel like I can post these. Even though I shot them in the past two weeks as I was walking home from work. Both were taken on my phone.

Grand Central holiday lights

Holiday lights from inside Grand Central.

Grand Central holiday lights

Holiday lights at Grand Central from the outside.


For some reason, shapes have always captured my attention. Maybe it’s my inner 6-year-old screaming to get out. While shooting a fashion lookbook, I was walking into the studio, I looked up and saw this fire escape. The way it seemed to reach toward the sky just made me want to photograph it.

Palate cleansing

I had a day off the recently with nothing more pressing on my schedule than eating and sleeping. Since nothing clear the mind and cleanse the creative palate like aimless wandering with a camera, that’s what I decided to do. With no aim other than to find interesting things to photograph, and pay attention to the things that normally go completely unnoticed, I set out and about in Brooklyn and lower Manhattan.

I can’t tell if it’s the lettering or the archway or both that makes this so interesting.

Just proof that weeds will win out no matter what, even in urban areas.

And a few more…


I think I’ve been watching too much “Life After People”

And, to end on a bright note, an image made solely for the colors.