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More from the winter

I didn’t realize I had so many images from last February’s blizzard, but you don’t often get fairly pristine snow in New York City, so I went a little crazy, to the tune of making about 240 frames. I was lucky to catch the sun low in the sky since it was early trying to push through the clouds, which created a great glowing orb effect giving a slightly different feel to some of the images.

Bethesda Fountain and sun

Bethesda Fountain with the sun obscured by clouds.

Thankfully most of the birds are so used to people it’s easy to get some nice close-ups. Even the not-so-colorful brown and black birds jumped out of the image with the bright background the snow, and the light it reflected onto everything, provided.

a bird

A bird sits on a branch in Central Park.

Mostly, I stuck to shooting landscapes and using the trees and their spindling, finger-like branches to contrast the snow.

trees after a snowstorm

Central Park in snow
Central Park after blizzard

Central Park bridge

Bethesda Fountain after a snowstorm


HDR iPhone test

Since I found out that I can do HDR photos with an iPhone, I’ve been playing around to see how good the quality is or if I’m better off using software to merge images that I’ve bracketed.

The light range seems to be pretty good. There’s detail in both the light on the clocktower, street lights below and in the shadows of the buildings. But at 100% it looks grainy. It’s seems to work well enough for online purposes, but I’d be reluctant to get anything printed larger than 3″x5″ with it.

Palate cleansing

I had a day off the recently with nothing more pressing on my schedule than eating and sleeping. Since nothing clear the mind and cleanse the creative palate like aimless wandering with a camera, that’s what I decided to do. With no aim other than to find interesting things to photograph, and pay attention to the things that normally go completely unnoticed, I set out and about in Brooklyn and lower Manhattan.

I can’t tell if it’s the lettering or the archway or both that makes this so interesting.

Just proof that weeds will win out no matter what, even in urban areas.

And a few more…


I think I’ve been watching too much “Life After People”

And, to end on a bright note, an image made solely for the colors.