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Sometimes you just need to create something beautiful

I feel like for the past two weeks I’ve done nothing but sit in front of my computer working. So before I went all Jack Nicholson in “The Shining,” I decided to grab my camera and tripod. There’s no better stress release than creating something, and I’ve been meaning to get over to the High Line at night, this seemed like the perfect opportunity. Let me say, whoever did the lighting design there is my hero. Everywhere you turn it’s beautiful, dramatic lighting. It just might be the easiest place in the world to create incredible nighttime imagery. Take a look:






























And one of my favorites:


Fashion on the High Line

I had a test shoot on Sunday for business fashion. Unfortunately, I really couldn’t find any inspiration going into it, but came away with some really good images, at least I thought so. I love it when I surprise myself.

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