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It looks like Locks of Love have come to #brooklyn, the bridge anyway. #ig #nyc








It looks like Locks of Love have come to #brooklyn, the bridge anyway. #ig #nyc | May 25, 2014 at 10:30AM
While walking across the Brooklyn Bridge I noticed that people have begun attaching love locks to the bridge like they do to the Pont des Artes in Paris.


No show

Sunday morning I went out to Orchard Beach in the Bronx for a beach shoot. But the models didn’t show because the weather didn’t look like it would comply. So I had to find some new subjects to shoot.

Seagulls at Orchard Beach

Seagulls at Orchard Beach

More from the winter

I didn’t realize I had so many images from last February’s blizzard, but you don’t often get fairly pristine snow in New York City, so I went a little crazy, to the tune of making about 240 frames. I was lucky to catch the sun low in the sky since it was early trying to push through the clouds, which created a great glowing orb effect giving a slightly different feel to some of the images.

Bethesda Fountain and sun

Bethesda Fountain with the sun obscured by clouds.

Thankfully most of the birds are so used to people it’s easy to get some nice close-ups. Even the not-so-colorful brown and black birds jumped out of the image with the bright background the snow, and the light it reflected onto everything, provided.

a bird

A bird sits on a branch in Central Park.

Mostly, I stuck to shooting landscapes and using the trees and their spindling, finger-like branches to contrast the snow.

trees after a snowstorm

Central Park in snow
Central Park after blizzard

Central Park bridge

Bethesda Fountain after a snowstorm

Creativity everywhere

A group of artists, models, photographers, basically all kinds of creative types, got together for a networking/photo shoot event called Facetime at NYC Arts Cypher on Staten Island. One of the people I met called it a jam session for artists, which is a fantastic way to describe it. Everyone came loaded with ideas and of course when there’s creative types, new ideas spawn out of other ideas and things evolve. There was a tremendous amount of creative energy, it was impossible not to make great images. Here are a few highlights.

Playing with lighting

I did a test shoot on Sunday with the intent of trying out some different lighting looks. The styling, models, poses, and makeup all did an amazing job. But I noticed I made a lot of mistakes in the lighting when I was editing, and composition for that matter…it was a really off day, so I was completely happy with the results. It would have been nice if I could have met the level of talent they were putting in, but making mistakes is how we all learn. Nonetheless I did come away with some pretty good shots, though it should probably tell me something that one of them was a just quick test shot just to check the light levels, which I forgot to delete, I think it’s one of the best images I made the whole shoot.

I’m coming to realize I do much better being a fly-on-the-wall shooter and letting everyone do their thing and just observing and capturing rather than trying to force things. It must be that journalism background. I was able to successfully (I thought so, anyway) pull off a back lighting shot, an image with some harsher lighting, and one with the usual blown out look. Here are a few that I thought turned out pretty well.