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A foggy evening

For a while, I’ve been itching to shoot a footbridge at Brooklyn Bridge Park when at night to capture the lights. But a problem I kept facing is that the bridge as a trailbridge so it’s intentionally made to be flexible, in other words, it bounces when people walk. Cool concept, not so great for long exposures at night. A few weeks ago, it was cold and rainy and completely miserable outside. The kind of night you don’t go outside unless you absolutely have to, so it was the perfect night to capture the lights and skyline without having to try and time in between passers-by.

Squibb Bridge at Brooklyn Bridge Park overlooking the Manhattan skyline

As I was down there, some serious fog rolled in up the East River. I hurried as quickly as I could before it dissipated and grabbed a couple shots with all it’s eerie effects.


Manhattan skyline in fog Manhattan Bridge in fog



Raindrops keep falling…

As I was walking to work this morning after the rain had tapered off the remainents of the earlier showers caught my eye. The way they glistened on the marble bench in their own individual little puddles. It was such a contrast in shape and texture and color. I just had to capture it.

raindrops on a bench